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Our Life in a Box product is offered to select clients through Lynzie Wolter's
affiliation with Eagle Strategies LLC. Please visit the disclosures link at the
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Life Insurance

When you start thinking about life insurance, odds are you're thinking about protecting your family both now and in the future. And that's a great place to start. But life insurance can do so much more. While everyone can benefit from life insurance, you may want to consider one type more than another at different points in your life.

We're here to help you figure that out. Our experienced personal guidance, flexible options, convenient ways to pay, and stable track record make us the company to turn to when you're ready to start thinking about it.

Term Life

Guaranteed protection now that can also help you prepare for your future.

With term life insurance from New York Life, you get so much more than coverage for a set period of time. Our term insurance goes beyond protecting your family for the short term – it puts you and your loved ones on a path towards financial preparedness in the future. Starting with term life locks in your immediate protection and grants you access to features like converting to permanent coverage in the future if your life changes.1 This means it can help you achieve your goals at every stage of life.

Whole Life

Insurance that protects. And cash value that’s accessible as it grows over time. Whole life insurance is for those looking for lifetime protection with added benefits. In addition to providing a guaranteed life insurance benefit, it also offers an important way to save for the future, helping you to be prepared for whatever lies ahead. With Whole Life, the cash value of your policy grows tax deferred—which means you can use it whenever you need to, whether for a new home, college tuition, or an income stream in retirement.* Dividends provide an opportunity for the cash value to grow more. Though dividends are not guaranteed, New York Life has been paying them to policy owners every year for 164 years. At New York Life, our diverse range of products lets you create a unique combination of guaranteed death benefits and growth that is designed to meet your needs.

*Accessing the cash value of the policy will reduce the total cash value and total death benefit.

Universal Life Insurance

Get the most long-term protection for your dollar.

People who choose Universal Life Insurance are typically looking to maximize their long-term coverage and are less concerned with building cash value. They need a cost-effective way to give their families the long-term financial security they deserve. 

Variable Universal Life Insurance

Protection for your lifetime. And the chance to take advantage of growth when the market is strong.

Variable universal life insurance means permanent protection for you and your family, while giving you the opportunity to choose how to invest the cash value of your policy. Some of our clients want to capture the gains offered by a strong market, and don’t mind risk. If that doesn’t sound right for you, our other permanent life policies offer guarantees on cash value growth, without the risk—or the potential market gains.

Retirement Income

When your work life changes, your income doesn’t have to.

There are lots of ways to maintain your lifestyle later on in life. A guaranteed income annuity is one good way to do it. Most people think of an annuity as a pension-like stream of income. When you have one, you basically get a steady "paycheck" for the rest of your life—so you can worry less about managing your money and focus more on living your life.

Everyone has different ideas about what they need when it comes to retirement. That's why talking to a financial professional is a good way to find out what's best for you.

Income Now with Immediate Income Annuities

Retire in comfort with a reliable income stream.

Throughout all stages of life, having a predictable stream of income is important. Retirement is no different. A guaranteed income annuity can give you pension-like payouts that help you to maintain the lifestyle you’ve earned. And you can start collecting as soon as next month. Don’t worry about spending down your savings. Enjoy the comfort of knowing exactly how much income you get to spend each month.

Income Later with Deferred Income Annuities

Make decisions today to maximize your income down the road.

Use your income and assets today to create income for the future. Deferred income annuities let you create a pension-like income stream that you can depend on two years from now or further into the future. Some people take this retirement approach because of the steady periodic payouts, which can help them maintain their lifestyle after they retire. Since you’ll be getting a consistent income, you might not need to dip into your investments—and the longer you defer your payouts, the more guaranteed income you generate down the road for when you’re ready to enjoy retirement.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Going through life may require a little help along the way. So if you're planning ahead, long-term care insurance may help protect you or a family member's future plans and help preserve the assets you've worked so hard to build.


Get a leg up on achieving your savings goals.

Whether it's saving for retirement, a new home, or planning for your child's college expenses, you’ll need a clear investment strategy. There’s a few different categories to consider, depending on your goals.


Protect your future, diversify your savings, enjoy the good life.

As retirement approaches, you may worry about how to protect yourself from outliving your savings. Annuities are long-term financial products that can help by locking in a guaranteed income stream and even potentially growing your money while adding a death benefit for loved ones. Some people opt to transfer accumulated 401(k) account money to an annuity. You can buy an annuity with guaranteed fixed interest rates or with market-based performance. In either case, many annuities offer options to help protect your money from losing value, which means you’ll be more likely to maintain the lifestyle you’ve worked for.

Mutual Funds

Our wealth of mutual funds can help you invest in your future.

Mutual funds are an easy way to tap into expert professional management so you can reach your long-term financial goals. Whether you're aiming for something in the short term, like a car or vacation, or long term, like a new home or retirement, you can invest to help reach those goals. At New York Life Investments, you can gain access to leading money managers through our MainStay mutual funds, available on many different investing platforms. It's easy to buy a mutual fund. In just minutes you can put yourself on a path to achieving your goals with a professionally run, diverse portfolio of investments.

Exchange Traded Funds

A low-cost option for seeking market-based returns.

With an exchange traded fund (ETF), you can invest in a basket of securities that mimic the overall market or a specific segment of it. Your choice of market segment could be anything from oil to corporate bonds, or a region like Asia or South America, or simply the S&P 500.

ETFs tend to have low fees because most are passively managed. However, actively managed ETFs are also available to investors. If suitable and meets your investments objectives, you can buy and sell ETFs like stocks; they trade continuously when the markets are open. You can also track changes in the assets in most ETFs on a daily basis. And because of the way ETFs are structured, depending on your individual circumstances, your taxes on gains can be lower than on other products.

529 College Savings Plans

These programs provide tax advantaged ways to save for education.

Any parent, relative, or family friend can invest in a 529 plan to finance a child's education. Savings have an opportunity to grow faster because you defer paying taxes on any investment earnings. And if you use the 529 for eligible expenses, you don't pay any federal taxes.

Each state's plan has its own rules and requirements, but 529s are meant to fund any type of education expense: books, college fees and tuition, trade school, and private or public K–12 education. While some state plans offer state tax benefit to their state residents, you don't have to choose your own state's plan; you can choose any one you like. At NYLIFE Securities LLC, we have access to 26 plans from 26 different states.



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