Areas of Expertise

Capital Edge Insurance & Financial Services provides first responders and their families with innovative, cutting-edge financial products and services to help them grow, protect and conserve their money through all stages in life. Taking into account your needs, goals and tolerance to risk, we will work with you to bring clarity to where you’re going and how to get there. Some of our key services are detailed below.

Retirement Planning

We work with our clients to design a course of action is for your specific situation and objectives.

Disability and Extended Care Needs

Disability insurance is critically important for first responders in order to help them protect their assets, income and family. We can help you design a plan that encompasses managing costs for extended periods of care to help create the necessary balance in your portfolio to ensure stability and protection of assets.

457(b) and 401(k) Plans

When you leave a job or retire, you have a decision to make regarding your 401(k) money. While leaving those assets in the former department's plan is an option, a rollover can be a strong consideration. We can help you determine the right course of action for you. This may include: leaving the funds in your existing plan, if permitted, or rolling them into your new department's plan, if one is available and rollovers are permitted. Each choice offers advantages and disadvantages, depending on your specific needs and retirement plan, such as the desired investment options and services, applicable fees, expenses, and withdrawal options, as well as required minimum distributions and tax treatment of applicable options.

Your client should also consider that they may be able to take taxable, but penalty-free withdrawals from an employer-sponsored retirement plan between the ages of 55 and 59.5 that they would not be able to take if they invest in an IRA or annuity. Additionally, if your client plans to work after reaching age 70.5, they may not be required to take minimum distributions from their current employer's retirement plan but would be required to do so for funds invested in an IRA or annuity.

Estate Planning

A well-engineered estate conservation plan can help minimize tax liability and ensure that loved ones are protected. We will work with you and your other professionals to assess the impact of state and federal taxes on your estate and suggest strategies to help minimize those taxes while meeting your personal philosophies and family needs.



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