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I wanted to thank you both so much for everything you do. We get into this job for our love for making a difference.

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A bunch of kids that never grew out of that ‘Cops & Robbers’ phase. Eventually we mature a “little” and grow to love something outside of this career, a family. As we mature more that family and those loved ones become a higher priority in our lives. And no matter what happens, thanks to you ladies and what you do, we can go to work with the peace of mind that the ones we love will be taken care of.

Matt Spencer
Deputy Sheriff
Placer County Sheriff's Department


I highly recommend the services of Lynzie and Crystal who make up the dynamic team of Capital Edge Insurance and Financial Services.

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They are genuine in their interest to assist public safety employees and their families to provide sound and fiscally responsible recommendations and suggestions. They are not pushy and are not trying to sell products. They take the time to get to know each person, determine what their goals are and what their comfort level is to ensure the dollars they are saving for retirement are working at their maximum best.

I worked primarily with Lynzie but was very impressed with the presentation Crystal gave. I was a reluctant audience but it was after that presentation that I signed up for a consultation and it was the best thing I ever did!

I appreciate and value the time and financial expertise Lynzie has offered me and continues to assist me as I go into retirement. I am very confident in the suggestions and recommendations. I know I am in excellent hands for the continued financial strategies and financial education for my retirement years. I feel very comfortable with my finances and how they are working for me.

Capital Edge is for everyone, either those with good financial strategies or those without.They will help you understand financial concepts and how to achieve your retirement goals and/or taking care of your family financially.

I encourage everyone to make an appointment with either Crystal or Lynzie. Working towards financial security is are not an easy thing to discuss and deal with but it's important and Capital Edge is a great first step towards the goal of being financially sound.

Mary Ann Johnson
Police Clerk II
Sacramento Police Department


These ladies have more love and passion for what they do than anyone I have ever met.*

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There I was, twenty-six years on with the Fremont Police Department and looking into my own retirement. I thought I had the planning process down to a science and felt I was "wired ". I had been contributing to my city sponsored 457 plan for years . I was watching my sick-leave-bank, vacation-bank and compensatory-bank grow, knowing they would equal a fat check when I decided to pull the plug.

As a cop I stay away from the social media sites for obvious reasons. However, with retirement in the near future I decided to join LinkedIn to stay connected to the outside corporate world and maybe land a post retirement job. After learning my way around the site I saw that I had a message from a rep at New York Life.

Crystal "cold called" me via a message telling me about how her company helps first responders with retirement planning. I thought to myself, "I don't need help planning my retirement, I've done all that already." We exchanged messages literally for about six months and finally she told me that I had to meet her for a quick cup of coffee so that she can not only introduce herself and her services, but answer any questions I had...for FREE.

That thirty minute cup of coffee changed my world. With a pad of paper and a pen Crystal changed my whole outlook on money, taxes and retirement. She candidly asked me how much time I spent planning my last family vacation, to which I answered 2-3 weeks. Then she asked how much time I had invested in planning the biggest vacation of my life - retirement? Because of the numbers she wrote on that pad of paper I knew that I had inadequately prepared for that "day". Don't feel too bad for me, I will get by because I at least had a plan that was somewhat lucrative. But I saw where I could have done a better job much sooner in my career.

I truly felt that if I was not as informed or as prepared as I could have been, how many others at my department could use help too. I asked Crystal to attend a few briefings at FPD to which she accepted. I asked what the fee would be, knowing the Fremont Police Association would pick up the tab and she chuckled and said, "No silly, I do this for free because I care." I have to admit that at the time I thought this was just a good sales pitch. That was over a year ago and Crystal (and her sister Lynzie Wolters) have visited the FPD well over 25 times to conduct informative briefings, meetings, training days, etc., not to include personal meetings with members of the department. Unlike other retirement companies that FPD has paid for for its sworn members, these ladies from New York Life have opened up their services to all employees of the department. They have travelled to Fremont (and the whole Bay Area) numerous times from the Sacramento area at all hours of the commute to ensure that our members are ready tor life after the PD.

I have had many sworn and non-sworn FPD members say thank you to me for bringing New York Life to Fremont...but I want turn around and say "Thank-You" to Crystal Snyder and Lynzie Wolters for taking the time to educate us all and help us plan for that big vacation. These ladies have more love and passion for what they do than anyone I have ever met. The world truly needs more people like them...doing what they do for us for all for the right reasons.

On behalf of the Fremont Police Department...Thank You New York Life!

Gregg Crandall
Patrol Sergeant
Fremont Police Department


We have been extremely impressed with all of the services and knowledge that both of them
have provided to us.

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Since first meeting Lynzie and Crystal a few years back, it was evident that they had a passion for the line of work that they do. They provided great service to us even though our knowledge of retirement planning was limited. Lynzie and Crystal have always made themselves available for any questions and concerns without hesitation. Recently our daughter entered the work force, and she met with Lynzie. Lynzie was very patient and thorough explaining and planning with her for her future.

We have been extremely impressed with all of the services and knowledge that both of them have provided to us. We do not hesitate to refer any of our acquaintances to them.

Sal Martinez
Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
Maria Martinez
State of CA


By having them coach me on my goals I have been able to save my hard-earned money into
the right savings plan.

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Lynzie and Crystal were both referred to me by a co-worker! Working in the public sector, I felt it was important to have my finances and future retirement pension in place. By having both Lynzie and Crystal review and coach me on my long term financial goals I have been able to save my hard-earned money into the right savings plan. I also used my FTO skills and passed along my knowledge to my trainees and even drove them up to their office!

Jeff Spranza
Piedmont Police Department

*Any testimonial on this site is based on an individual’s experience and may not be representative of the experience of other customers. These testimonials are no guarantee of future performance or success.



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